Can You Trust Camera Cell Phone Ratings Sites?

Based on a report released by Jupiter Research and iProspect, online camera cell phone ratings affect the purchasing decisions of consumers. Their studies show that rankings and comparative analyses on sales is a major factor for choosing the type of model or brand of mobile devices.

The January 2007 study showed that almost one third of the populace consider social networking sites as the deciding factor for buying particular brands. Whether they are looking to order online or just checking out the specifications of an item, they will go and look at popularity trends from these sites.

A survey on different products conducted by Amazon showed an amazing number of respondents. Majority of the 2223 viewers voted that not only did they checked-out the site’s camera cell phone ratings, but also browsed through various mobile devices featured and their listed prices.

Camera cell phone ratings are conducted differently by various sites. One form comes from product review websites wherein a few mobile specialists write articles based on the technological merits of a model. Although these appraisals are made through careful analysis and comparative studies, it is improbable that they can cope with the speed of new products continuously emerging in the market.

The other category of camera cell phone ratings sites is that which, like Amazon, invites consumers to share their opinions on the cell phones which they have actually used. Where their camera cell phones ratings lack is in a single consumer’s ability to make comparisons of all the camera cell phones with similar features, because most consumers only use one cell phone at a time and don’t really know how their favorite telecommunications device stacks up against the competition. So they are not in a position to post comparison charts and make clear-cut choices.

In an ideal world, camera cell phoned ratings sites would combine recommendations of camera cell phones based on expert, unbiased testing with input from consumers who have used those phones for a reasonable amount of time, under reasonable real-world conditions. These sites would have no vested interest in recommending the phones from one manufacturer; in other words, they would neither be selling the phones nor getting them at no cost in exchange for a friendly review. For more information on cell phone ratings and reviews visit

But most of the camera cell phone ratings sites, like most product ratings sites period, are supported by advertising and need to build their audiences if they are to attract enough sponsors to make them profitable. That is why the consumer-based review site is so prevalent.

At present, there is a lack of independent sites that feature both popularity surveys and technological studies for camera cell phone ratings. If you prefer a more detailed analysis of each model’s specifications, then you should visit sites that have articles made by telecommunications specialists. These experts are well-known in the industry and will provide you with a more concise study of the different features you are looking for. Most of these sites though will only show their most recent reviews to registered and paying members.